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The Sex Thief (Original Softcore, Britain 1973) English Classic Movie

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The Sex Thief (Original Softcore, Britian 1973)

 Jennifer Westbrook,Susan Glanville,Linda Coombes,Val Penny,Gloria Maley,Diane Keen in The Sex Thief (1973) (22 min )

Title: Her Family Jewels
Year: 1976
Country: USA
Alternate Titles: Handful of Diamonds (Holland, 1981)
The Sex Thief (Original Softcore, Britian 1973)
Director: Martin Campbell
Starring: Elizabeth Aubrey, Megan Ross, Collin Taylor, Edmond Searre, Nigel Evans
Time: 01:28:55
Size: 1.33 GiB
Resolution: 720x576
Type of file: AVI

Initially, We were going to post Handful of Diamonds until we realized that it was the hardcore version ofThe Sex Thief. Since The Sex Thief is no longer posted here, I decided to post both movies together.

Some history of this movie:

The Sex Thief is a 1973 British sex film starring David Warbeck, Diane Keen and Christopher Biggins. It was an early film credit for director Martin Campbell. The film was released in America (in January 1976) as Her Family Jewels, with added hardcore inserts performed by stand-ins for the original cast members. The hardcore version was later released on video in Holland (under the name Handful of Diamonds).

The Her Family Jewels/Handful of Diamonds version runs approx 81 minutes (as opposed to the original 89-minute running time) and adds hardcore inserts to every sex scene as well as an innocuous scene in which characters played by Terence Edmond and Diane Keen discuss the thief in a crowded pub, in which the hardcore inserts imply the two characters are masturbating each other under the table. Her Family Jewels deletes several narrative scenes that appear in the original version of the film (most notably the end credits and a subplot involving two detectives trying to sell blue films) but adds several newly shot hardcore scenes in which footage of David Warbeck (taken from elsewhere in the film) has been briefly inserted. These scenes are scored to a pop song “Well Here I Go”, which does not appear in the original film.

Movie description:

This X-rated British crime caper/porn movie tells the story of a cat burgler (David Warbeck) whose m.o. involves seducing those whose jewels he has stolen, which frequently induces a certain haziness in his victims' descriptions of him.

Grant Henry (David Warbeck) a writer of trashy paperbacks like The Dirty and the Dying, moonlights as a masked jewel thief who is usually caught in the act but is able to get away with his crimes by luring his female victims to bed. After these women lie to the police about the thief’s identity and seem to want to get burgled again, the Inspector in charge of the case (Terence Edmond) and a Kung-Fu trained insurance investigator (Diane Keen) decide to lay a trap for the thief.

Cast: Jennifer Westbrook, Diane Keen, Gloria Maley, Susan Glanville, Linda Coombes, David Warbeck, Christopher Biggins, Michael Armstrong, Terence Edmond

Director: Martin Campbell


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