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Fabodjantan (1978) / Karlekson (1977) +Xtras [DVD-9] [HQ] [14.64 GB] [Download]

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Fäbodjäntan (1978) aka Come Blow the Horn - 15 parts + MKV [14.64 GB]

This has 2 full movies. Fabodjantan (1978) and Karlekson (1977).
Studio (Distributor)
Gebe Film AB
Director (Producer)
Joe Sarno (as Lawrence Henning)

On a small, cozy Swedish islet a group of friends gather for a celebration. One of the participants finds an old magic viking instrument (Hornlike) which will yield everybody in earsight extremly horny. This film contains the wellknown falu-sausage scene, where one of the participants uses a extremely large sausage as a dildo.

Extras DISC 1:
JOE SARNO: A MAGNIFICENT PASSION. Brand new documentary on the director to Fäbod Lassie, mainly known for his famous softcore movies. 2011 * 55 min * Stereo * 16 × 9 (1.85: 1).
TRAILER SHOW with Joe Sarno's most famous Swedish films, published by Studio S.

Extras DISC 2:
Kärleksön - Blonde Leena from Fäbod Lassie in her first film by Joe Sarno. Summer, sun and sex in the Stockholm archipelago. 1977 * 1 hr 45 min * Mono Mix * 4 × 3 (1.33: 1).
SHE LOVED ONE SUMMER - Pin-Up Girl Maud Hagberg, Anne von Lindenberger from Character-movies and cult actress Jan Olov Rydqvist recorded including at Grona Lund. Also known as I want to be with your lover, mother.
PHOTO GALLERIES: Fäbod Lassie * Kärleksön * She loved the summer.
POSTER GALLERY: Swedish sexploitationfilm.

Fabodjantan (1978)


Anita Berglund (as Anita)
Anne [Fisting]
Leena Hiltonen (as Leena)
Marie Bergman (as Marie)
Actors :

Knud Jorgenson (as Knut)

Karlekson (1977)

Actresses :

Leena Hiltonen (as Leena) []
Liza [Facial]
Unknown Female
Actors :

Tomas (as Thomas)
Unknown Male

Fabodjantan ( 1978 )

This has plenty of sex scenes in it. blowjobs, handjobs, multiple vaginal sex postions, fucking. masturbation, etc.

Scene 1. Leena Hiltonen, Knud Jorgenson
Scene 2. Anne, Knud Jorgenson
Scene 3. Anita Berglund
Scene 4. Marie Bergman, Tomas
Scene 5. Anne, Knud Jorgenson
Scene 6. Leena Hiltonen
Scene 7. Marie Bergman, Tomas
Scene 8. Anne
Scene 9. Anita Berglund, Leena Hiltonen
Scene 10. Anne, Tomas
Scene 11. Leena Hiltonen, Marie Bergman, Arne, Tomas
Scene 12. Anita Berglund, Knud Jorgenson, Tomas
Scene 13. Leena Hiltonen, Tomas
Scene 14. Anita Berglund, Leena Hiltonen, Marie Bergman
Scene 15. Marie Bergman, Tomas
Scene 16. Leena Hiltonen, Knud Jorgenson
Scene 17. Anita Berglund, Arne

Karlekson ( 1977 )
The scenes in this are just as debaucherous, but fucking in this one.

Scene 1. Unknown Female, Unknown Male
Scene 2. Leena Hiltonen
Scene 3. Leena Hiltonen, Liza, Gote
Scene 4. Sonja, Tomas
Scene 5. Liza
Scene 6. Leena Hiltonen, Unknown Female
Scene 7. Unknown Female, Unknown Male
Scene 8. Sonja, Unknown Female, Tomas
Scene 9. Sonja, Unknown Male
Scene 10. Liza, Tomas
Scene 11. Leena Hiltonen, Sonja, Unknown Male
Scene 12. Leena Hiltonen, Liza, Tomas
Scene 13. Unknown Female, Gote

RES : 720x576
Size : 14.63 Gb
Format : Untouched DVD9 X 2
Language : Swedish
Sub-Titles : English

Audio - Swedish
Subtitles - English (.srt x 2)

1.94 GB
656 x 496
25.000 fps




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