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Savage Lust (1975) (HQ) [American Classics] [Download]

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"It’s a great day for a hike!" exclaims one of three babes on California’s McClures Beach, little realizing that some Savage Lust awaits them. As Miss Hiker strolls away, the remaining two dolls are spied on by a black & white pair of scumbags who think it’s a great day for a fuck. The more sensitive of the scumbags momentarily balks: "Just because they’re nude, that doesn’t mean they want to fuck!"

But since it would be such a shame to let such nubile wenches go to waste, they drop down to the beach and hogtie and fuck the two gals, one of whom is the monkey-titted MIMI MORGAN who really knows how to get fucked in a porno film.

Meanwhile, the sweetie who went hiking runs into roving photographer JOEY SILVERA, who shoots a load of film of her before shooting a load of spunk on her.

Afterwards, Joey rescues the two bound beach bunnies and takes them to his pad, knowing they’ll be impressed with his giant foot-long dildo. But — whoops!—the gals turn the tables, tie the stud up and fuck him

Starring: Mimi Morgan
Co-starring: Joey Silvera
Other cast: Roger Caine, Vanessa Del Rio, Ursula Austin

Format: mp4
Size: 1.08 Gb
Resol: 560x416
Length: 00:59:50
Lang: English
Quality: Pretty good

Credits (Imdb):

Judy DeWitt
Mick Jones
Mimi Morgan
Paul Scharf
Joey Silvera

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Le Violeur De Pucelles (1980’s) (Rare) (FR) [Download]

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Image quality (720X576) : rip of an aged VHS
Length : 1h00
Language : French

Agnès Ardant, Nathalie Idoux

We could not find this movie in the usual databases. We went through Jean-Pierre Armand filmography and could not find this one.
It looks to us as a Michel Ricaud movie, but just a feeling, nothing more.

Tentative translation of the cover text :
On a beach, the perversity of fucking of virgins, who may or may not agree.
The pleasures of beach and sea are close to the pleasures you can experience with sex.
For a young girl it is always dangerous to undress and to cherish herself on a deserted beach, and think that she is alone ...

A strange story where a masked guy wants to take revenge of JP Armand, based on the title he is supposed to be a fucker but he only fucked JP Armand’s girlfriend for a blowjob and that’s it. The guy writes a kind of journal where he explains that he hates JP and wants to beat him because he is rich and beautiful but at the end, he throws his mask on the ground and nothing happens, we will not see his face.
At a certain point JP Armand knocks a guy because he has the same key bunch as the masked guy, but that one is not the masked guy.
Before the last scene, there is a review of all the ejaculations seen in the film.
The film is French speaking but it is closed by “The End”.

Format: avi
Size: 576 Mb
Resol: 640x480
Length: 01:00:06
Lang: French with Dutch subtitles
Quality: More than acceptable

Credits as above.

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Summer Heat (1979) (US) [High Quality] [Download]

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Year : 1979
Studio : Triad Productions
Essex Video
Electric Hollywood
Language : English
File : .avi
File size : 698 MB +  1.11 GB
Resolution : 480x368+720 x 480
Duration : 01:22:19
Quality : Good VHS rip + HQ MP4
Director : Alex de Renzy ... (as Christy McCabe)
Produced by :
Alex de Renzy (as Christy McCabe)
Jerry McCabe
Writing Credits :
Alex de Renzy (as Christy McCabe)
Jerry McCabe

Movie Description :
"This handsome production was set on and around beautiful Lake Shasta. A wealthy senator plans to build a damn in a remote part of Northern California. The local hillbilly types don't appreciate his progressive ideas. They wreak havoc upon the senator's boating party. The senator gets a ** up his ass and Desiree is fucked.

A beautiful woman recalls her orgy of sexual adventures that she had last summer. Filmed at majestic Lake Shasta, she joined a group of turned on young people as they partied aboard a houseboat built for pleasure. Gorgeous Desiree Cousteau heads an all-star cast in this panorama of pleasure!

Delania Raffino ... Liz
Jamie Gillis ... Patrick
Jack Wrangler ... Jack
Desiree Cousteau (as Desiree Costeau) ... Alice
Jesse Adams (as Jessie Adams) ... Jessie
John Leslie ... Phil
Juliet Anderson ... Judy
Ron Meyers ... Josh
Clair Dia (as Shady Skates) ... Rea
Stanley Cohen ... Ben
Kathy Kaufman (as Catherine Kenmore) ... Blanch
Kathy Kaufman's only sexual activity is sodomizing Jack Wrangler with a corncob

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1
Delania Raffino, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2
Desiree Cousteau, Jesse Adams
Scene 3
Delania Raffino, Jack Wrangler
Scene 4
Desiree Cousteau
Scene 5
Juliet Anderson, John Leslie
Scene 6
Juliet Anderson, John Leslie
Scene 7
Delania Raffino, Jesse Adams
Scene 8
Delania Raffino, Jamie Gillis
Scene 9
Kathy Kaufman, Clair Dia, Jack Wrangler
Scene 10
Desiree Cousteau, Ron Meyers

File Name: Summer In Heat (1979 Desiree Cousteau, Delania Raffino, Juliet Anderson, Clair Dia).mp4
File Size: 1.11 GB
Video Codec Name: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Duration: 1:25:08 @ 29.97 fps
Video size: 720 x 480 - aspect ration 4:3
Audio codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 2 channel

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