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69 Minutes (1977) (USA) [High Quality] [Download]

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Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1977
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown
Starring: Unknown

Description: A supermarket heist turns ugly when the shooting starts in 69 Minutes. Characters and plot are a la Peckinpah, and some thrilling action is on offer here, but the hardcore sensibility wins out in me end.
"Seeing you waste the motherfucker like that makes my cock hard!" That, from the brains of the gang. But if there’s a brain in this gang, it’s pretty well-disguised.
Anyway, authentic Southwestern atmospherics add a touch of realism to this gritty tale of bad guys on the run from the law. However, both the law (here represented by a masturbating sheriff) and the outlaws are so busy screwing, it seems highly improbable that they will ever cross paths at all.
And, in fact, they don’t. The bad guys are brought down by poetic justice or fate (which is an abstraction and therefore has no sex scenes).
The gals in the gang are white trash and sexy as hell, and their fucking and sucking are in the finest white-trash tradition. "Oh, wow," drawls one, "You are lookin’ at a completely fucked girl!" The getaway is to Tampico, but the getaway boat blows up in the gulf, and that’s what the Deviate calls getting "completely fucked."

File: 699 MB
Type: AVI
Duration: 01:02:43
Video: 704 x 528, XviD ISO MPEG-4, 23.976 fps, 1425 kbps, 0.160 bit/pixel
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 48000Hz, 128 kb/s, Joint Stereo

>>Watch or Download>> 69 Minutes (1977) (USA) [High Quality] [Download]

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Classic French Male-Dominant Sex Flick (1970s) [Download]

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Video codec: H.264
Video Bitrate: 1800
Audio codec: AC3
Language: FRENCH
Image quality : rip of an aged VHS
Lenght: 1:25:02

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Stranger Came for Milf 1970s Rare Classics

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This MKV includes two audio tracks: 1. the original English soundtrack, and 2. commentary with director Radley Metzger.

Also includes subtitles in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. A second English subtitle track with "Film Facts" is a welcome addition, too.

MKV/x264 -- 1.52 GB -- 01:23:28 -- 720x460* -- dual English ac3 audio @ 192Kbps

(*anamorphic encoding: plays at 851x460 = 1.85 DAR, after cropping black borders)

>>Watch or Download>> Stranger Came for Milf 1970s Rare Classics

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La Seduzione – (1973) (Italian) (Softcore) [HQ] [Download]

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Drama with Jenny Tamburi and Lisa Gastoni.
Original full, very good quality.

Format: avi
Size: 704 Mb
Resol: 720x368
Length: 01:38:03
Lang: Italian
Quality: very good.

Cast (Imdb):
Maurice Ronet
Lisa Gastoni
Jenny Tamburi
Pino Caruso
Graziella Galvani
Barbara Marzano
Rosario Bonaventura
Giorgio Dolfin
Luigi Antonio Guerra

>>Watch or Download>> La Seduzione – (1973) (Italian) (Softcore) [HQ] [Download]

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Johnny Wadd (1973) DVD9 [6.74GB] [High Quality] [Download]

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Also Known As

Johnny Gunn (35mm transfer re-title for the Long John Wadd Film Festivel)

The Movie:

From California, to the Rio Grande, He Shot His Wad All Over The Land!

The first of what would be many Johnny Wadd films made by Bob Chinn and John Holmes, this is the picture that kicked off a huge career for the best known male adult film performer of all time. While Holmes had been popular in adult cinema prior to the release of this 1971 private detective story, this one made him a marquee name and a bankable commodity that would wind up exploited time and time again throughout his career.

Holmes plays the titular character, a private dick (pun intended) who works out of his dim office near the beach. He's asked by a woman named Wendy Bellamy (Andy Bellamy) to investigate the disappearance of her friend, Jeannie Hamilton. He accepts the case for a cool thousand dollars and a fuck on the couch. After Wendy's been taken care, Jeannie's sister, played by Sandy Dempsey, shows up and offers Wadd twice what Wendy was paying him in order to walk off the case and leave it alone. As the movie goes on, the cast of characters surrounding the missing girl come in and out of his office as Wadd's narration deduces that Jeannie's disappearance is somehow related to her family. Most of characters have sex with Wadd or with one another. Wadd eventually wanders around and asks a few random supporting players a question or two and eventually winds up getting into a fist fight with another guy before solving the case and having more sex but not before running into Jeannie's mother who fucks herself with a glass bottle because Wadd can't get it up for her.

The Extras:

Writer/director Bob Chinn starts the extras off with a great commentary track that talks about what it was like working in the industry in the era in which the film was made. He talks about where the idea for the tag line came from, how the titles were shot while stuck on a garage door, and about the film's 'original' score. He points out locations and props used and explains where they came from and why they were used, and he talks about casting the film. An unnamed moderator keeps Chinn on topic and prods him when he clams up (which thankfully isn't too often) and he talks about how Holmes was paid $75 total for his work on this film, which included four complete scenes. It's a pretty solid track and it's great to hear Chinn look back on the film and talk about his experiences even if sometimes his memory is a little vague.

From there, check out the Bob Chinn Interview (19:58) where he talks about the job of the cameraman, his first film, how he got his start in the industry, and more. He goes over his career chronologically and talks about how he was a film student at UCLA and actually started his film career building sets. He talks about how it was important for XXX movies of the era to have a story, what it was like working with Wadd, the integral differences between working in the hardcore and softcore markets and about how video cameras have changed everything.

Also included are trailers for other classics such as Fantasy World, Hot Legs, Pizza Girls, and the excellent Prisoner Of Paradise (brief Bonus Scenes are also included for each of these four pictures) as well as a John Holmes Still Gallery, a web-link.

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Andy Bellamy, John Holmes
Scene 2. Sandy Dempsey, John Holmes
Scene 3. mature blonde, John Holmes
Scene 4. Patti Lee, Gerard Broulard
Scene 5. Patti Lee, John Holmes

Audio 1 - English DD 5.1
Audio 2 - English DD 5.1 (Writer/director Bob Chinn commentary)

6.74 GB
720 x 480
29.970 fps

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Rêve de singe – (Bye Bye Monkey) – (1978) (Softcore) [HQ] [Download]

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English full version of "Ciao maschio", really good quality.
Title and credits in French

Format: avi
Size: 1.34 Gb
Resol: 704x400
Length: 01:53:12
Lang: English
Quality: Very good

Cast (Imdb):

Gérard Depardieu
James Coco
Marcello Mastroianni
Abigail Clayton
Stefania Casini
Francesca De Sapio
Mimsy Farmer
Avon Long
Nathalie Bernart
Sandra Monteleoni
Enrico Blasi
Luciano Pallocchia
Achille Antonaglia
Rosa Maria Calogero

>>Watch or Download>> Rêve de singe – (Bye Bye Monkey) – (1978) (Softcore) [HQ] [Download]

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