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Nudie Cuties #97 (Softcore) [Download]

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1. Way Gone – sepia siren (Diana Lombardi)
2. Lovely dark-haired doll on the cowboy couch
3. Pretty long-haired brunette plays solitaire
4. Witchie
5. Shy She
6. Slender Babe
7. Sepia siren in black lingerie on the floor (Diana Lombardi)
8. Tender Trudy (same model as #3 solitaire player)
9. Raven-tressed cutie dances in black lingerie
10. Bed Headed Woman
11. Prickly Heat (Lisa St. Claire)
12. Kitten on the Tease
13. Tit Tat Toe
14. Hi Diddle Daddle
15. Beaming brunette smoking on a cowboy couch
16. Under Covers Girl (same model as #10 bed head)
17. Butt Yes (Lisa St. Claire)
18. May We (same model as #12 Kitten)
19. A Stinger (same model as #13 Tit Tat Toe)
20. Southern Comfort (same model as #14 Hi Diddle Daddle)
21. Dark-blonde nature girl outdoors
22. Hunger
23. Attractive brunette nature girl outdoors
24. Hard (Mickie Sue North)
25. Zing Raven Boyer
26. The same lovely dark-haired doll on a divan (same model as #2)
27. Glamorous
28. Nylon Lil
29. Sheiba’s Back
30. Queen of She
31. She Figures
32. 1940s quick takes (including clip with Margie Harrison, Barbara Lyles and Thelma Montgomery)
33. Busty brunette with hoop earrings & a mink coat
34. She Sheik
35. Pantsy Free
36. Real Georgia – CHERRY KNIGHT
37. She Lost Her?
38. Sipping & Slipping
39. Belly Belly (same model as #33 Busty Brunette)
40. Udderly Ridiculous – CHERRY KNIGHT
41. Kitty From the City
42. 1960s quick takes in COLOR
43. Warm
44. Comfy
45. Stretch
46. Close – BUSTY BROWN
47. Stubborn Raven Boyer

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Red Milf & Stacie Starr Allows Him To Fuck Them

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Rachel had returned from a getaway in Tibet. An attorney was on her porch with terrible news. Her eldest son Jack had passed away. He had left her his home in California and in his will had arranged for her move upon his deatth. After napping with both her sister and her nephew, Rachel’s mind was no longer in reality. Her lusty thoughts had consumed her. She will now just act on whatever sexual desire she has. Jack had wanted that for her. Jack had been the same way. Jeremy went in to check on her hoping he could finish what had started a few hours previously. He looked in and saw his mother and Rachel entwined naked under the covers! He removed his clothes and got on the bed. His erection huge. They woke up trying to cover their act but Jeremy knew what they did and wanted in. Rachel could not stop staring at Jeremy’s cock and began to suck it immediately. Stacie became jealous and moved in to share. They both took turns sucking his cock. Rachel took back over on the blowjob and Stacie scooted between Rachel’s legs and sucked her pussy. Jeremy fucked his mother first with Rachel watching. Rachel climbed onto Stacie’s face so she could lick her pussy while getting fucked by her son. Then Jeremy leaned forward and started licking Rachel’s pussy while he continued to fuck his mother. Then Rachel called to Jeremy to come over and fuck her. She was on her hands and knees like a cat in heat on the floor next to the fireplace. Stacie pushed her pussy into Rachel’s mouth while she got fucked from behind. Rachel licked Stacie’s pussy while he fucked her so hard. Then Jeremy could not hold his load he burst all over his mother and aunt’s big tits as they both looked into his eyes. Rachel and Stacie smiled at Jeremy. They left her to clean up. Rachel thought she was happy and satisfied but again all she could think of when it was over was her son Jack. Her life at this new mansion will be different since there will be more relatives coming to visit her.

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