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Nudie Cuties #92 (Softcore) (USA)

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1. 1960s two hefty honeys play on a bunk bed (color)
2. 1950s lovely and smiley dark blonde poses on a television
3. 1950s brunette couch wiggler with sparkly necklace
4. 1960s slutty sex kitten with a big blonde wig
5. 1960s Pink Pussycat College of Striptease
6. 1960s After Midnight – NORMA MARLO
7. 1960s busty dark-haired flip chick in black lingerie
8. 1960s another slutty sex kitten with a big blonde wig
9. 1960s pouty blonde bed bunny lolls around
10. 1960s pretty bouffant blonde wearing a demure cotton dress reveals black lingerie Robin Bliss
11. 1960s dark-blonde hippie chick in a flowered minidress smokes a doobie & eats a donut (color)
12. 1960s beautiful natural blonde bed wiggler (color)
13. 1960s bouffant bleached blonde in black lingerie on a couch

Missing from above list - (and mistitled) before #5, Pink Pussycat College of Striptease is Bea Bea Chu-Chu

avi; 997 MB; 640x480; 01:55:49

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