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B Girl Rhapsody (1952) (USA) (Softcore)

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If you'll notice in the third screenshot, the extra female performers are referred to as "Nudy Cuties".
That's B.S. !!! (Before Spelling)

From an IMDB review:

There's a full chorus line of 12 women, the last seen in these movies (by 1955 the New Follies was down to four showgirls). They do two routines, an energetic seashore number and a classic parade in headdress.
The five preliminary strippers double in the chorus, but all are "names." Frenchy LeVonne is fierce, Nona Carver is campy. Ginger DuVal, blond here, is smooth and friendly. Chili Pepper gives a long, elaborate performance (she's also the acrobatic dancer in the second chorus routine). Young Crystal Starr went on to
become a headliner, and while she has a wind-up doll quality that puts me off, certainly her act shows skill and polish.
Then finally the star of the show, brilliant Lily Ayers. Her performance is unusual both for the high quality of dancing and for being an actual burlesque, an alternately light-hearted and moving pantomime of a B-girl (a woman hired by a bar to pretend interest in male customers so they'd buy drinks for her, actually tea). There may have been a personal note as well, since strippers playing nightclubs were usually required to "mix" with customers between shows. Lily employs a combination of bump-and-grind and ballet that's an absolute treat to watch.

Warning: There's a whole lotta shakin' going on. So just watch it 'til you need glasses.

Directors: James R. Connell, Lillian Hunt

Lily Ayers................Herself - Burlesque Dancer (as Lily)
Crystal Starr............Herself - Burlesque Dancer
Chili Pepper.............Herself - Burlesque Dancer
Ginger Duvall..........Herself - Burlesque Dancer (as Ginger Duval)
Nona Carver............Herself - Burlesque Dancer
Frenchy LeVonne.....Herself - Burlesque Dancer (as Frenchy LaVon)

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