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Scarlet Négligée (1968) (Softcore) – Rare [Download]

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Scarlet Négligée (1968)\aka Scarlet Negligee


Three robbers hide out in a brothel.

From an IMDB review:

Having seen several of the untalented itinerant filmmakers Whit Boyd and Ron Scott's movies I was well-prepared for the disaster which is SCARLET NEGLIGEE... Perhaps the highlight is when the bored whores put a record on the turntable and start dancing around half-clad in a parody of mid-'60s dance crazes and strippers' routines. One of them earlier displayed a huge bare chest which is likely the film's only draw, both then at Adult cinemas and now via Something Weird (who else?) DVD.

Director: Ron Scott
Byron Lord.............Craig
Shirley Boyd...........Rita
Nancy Reeves.........Catherine
Rosemarie McKay....Dee Dee
Dianne Davis...........Jeannie
Melanie Bradshaw...Housewife
Cher Lamait.............Rita's Girl
Ann Ruthers

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