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For Single Swingers Only (1968) (Softcore)

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From IMDb user review:

Beautiful young single gals Gloria (busty brunette Sharon Sanford) and Gracie (buxom blonde Heide Anderson) move into a new apartment complex. Right after settling in, the pair find themselves getting involved in a wild and uninhibited swinging lifestyle that eventually takes a heavy emotional toll on Gracie.
Director Don Davis relates the engrossingly sordid story at a steady pace, grounds the premise in a believable everyday reality, delivers lots of tasty female nudity as well as some sizzling voyeurism, and a few pretty hot straight couplings, neatly captures the free-spirited experimental vibe of the 60's sexual revolution, and concludes things on a gloriously hysterical note (Gracie's big climactic breakdown scene is a real hoot!). Jason Hunter's suitably seamy script not only offers a few interesting insights on the psychology of swingers (for example, they partake in this lifestyle because they are bored and insecure), but also does a sound job of presenting the swinging lifestyle as an addictive, yet potentially destructive dead end. The acceptable acting from the attractive cast rates as another plus, with Anderson's vulnerable Gracie emerging as the most sympathetic character. Wayne Carter plain cinematography provides a persuasive naturalistic look. The jazzy score by Chet and Jim Moore hits the mellow groovy spot. A nice little slice of vintage 60's sleaze.

with Sharon Sanford, Heide Andersen, Leslie Dee, Michael Roth, Jana Lee, Michael Adams, Charlotte Ruse, Lorie March, Robert Smith, Mary Carter, Jack Mosler, Janet Russey
Very groovy!

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