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Nudie Cuties #94 – Softcore 1950s, 60s

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1. 1960s Three of a Kind - suburban sun worshippers at the poolside (color)
2. 1960s kinda scary blonde with heavy makeup & a weird wig propped on her head (color)
3. 1960s dark-haired flip chick in black outfit on a bed (color)
4. 1960s a trio of nature girls get into outdoor mischief
5. 1960s darling raven-tressed couch cutie
6. 1960s Feline Female
7. 1950s curly-top blonde picks flowers in a meadow
8. 1950s Cecile
9. 1950s Rhapsody in Nude - BEBE HUGHES
10. 1950s Coy Cuties No. 2 - sepia siren
11. 1950s Hungry Honey - RHEA WALKER
12. 1950s lovely brunette lounges on a cowboy couch
13. 1950s slender curly haired lass reclines in front of a fireplace
14. 1950s Kitty from the City
15. 1950s Sin der Heller
16. 1950s Divan Ho!
17. 1950s The She Wolf
18. 1950s Sack and Jill!
19. 1950s Donna Juan
20. 1950s Call to Charms
21. 1950s Star Bust
22. 1950s Long Lean and Loveable
23. 1950s Delight in the Night
24. 1950s Desire
25. 1950s Shapely Shadow
26. 1950s Lovely IOU
27. 1950s Lovey Dove
28. 1950s Doll Face
29. 1950s Raven
30. 1950s Breathless - CHERRY KNIGHT
31. 1950s pretty dark-blonde in front of a fireplace
32. 1950s sexy brunette luxuriates on a divan

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