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Movie in the movie (1983) (Italian) (Rare) [HQ] [Download]

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Another rarity offered by an Italian collector.
Rip from an original vhs, but the quality is good.

Format: mp4
Size: 1.06 Gb
Resol: 640x480
Length: 01:21:27
Lang: Italian
Quality: Good

Cast (Egafd):


  • Marina Hedman plays the cleaning lady
  • Sandra Sesal plays Gabriella, the producer's second secretary
  • XNK8316 plays the producer's secretary
  • XNK8317
  • XNK8318 non-sex
  • XNK8319
  • XNK8320
  • XNK8321

Credited males -

  • Mark Shanon plays Luciano Brandi, the producer
  • Erminio Bianchi plays Marco Biondi, the director

Uncredited males include -

  • Bruno Romagnoli plays the actor waiting to see the producer
  • Giancarlo Busmani plays the young man in the bar
  • Mario Bianchi plays Sansoni, the production organizer
  • Giuseppe Cardone plays Sesti, the inspector of production (?)
  • Alberico Simeone plays Aldo Bonomi, the financier
  • Gennarino Pappagalli plays Fanzi, an actor, only in the soft version

Most of the unknown females seem to be auditioning for parts in the film.

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