Premium Membership Support

If you have any questions and issues regarding your premium membership on feel free to use our contact services in order to get your problems fixed.

If you didn't receive your membership upgrade or your premium login details, please wait some time to get it -Sometimes it would take hours because of manually approve on some payments -mostly for e-checks-.

Please contact us by sending your emails to:

For General Inquiries:



For Consumer Billing, Membership Support Inquiries:


Our Customer Service is open on everyday for both weekdays and weekends. So please wait our response to your message in a few hours...

Alternatively you can send your e-mails to :

contact[at]vintagepornbay[dot]com  email address.

Note: You don't need to send more than one. Just the first message is required enough to inform us.

customerserviceof premium membership

Our Additional Contact Details:

Skype Support ID:

Twitter: @vintagepornbay

E-Mail: [email protected]

7/24 Online Support/Create a Support Ticket: Left Bottom Message Box of Vintagepornbay

Send to Live Supporti: Right Bottom Box of Vintagepornbay

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