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Long Jeanne Silver (1977)Aka The Lady with the X-rated Leg

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                                      Warning: Amputee Insertion.

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Jeanne Silver, a pretty amputee, appeared in men's magazines and on San Francisco burlesque stages. She had the lower part of her left leg removed when she was a young. The remaining stump, extending several inches below her knee, is little more than bone covered with flesh. Director Alex DeRenzy uses the pseudo- documentary format to display Silver's sexual habits. She fucks Amber Hunt during a threesome, impales two college-lady students and even goes so far as to ram it up a homosexual's ass. Long regarded as one of the more bizarre films of the 1970's, Long Jeanne Silver fulfills all expectations for those seeking a "freak show" event!
Hustler Magazine ( X-rated reviews) 033
Reviewed  (adultdvdtalk.com)
Alex DeRenzy produced more than a few good films during the 1970s but he also produced more than a few awful ones. This one falls into the second category. Simply a dumb way to make money off a gimmick. Long Jeanne Silver was a New York runaway who made her acting debut in Shaun Costello's Waterpower in 1976. She then came to San Francisco landing on The Mitchell Brother's doorstep. The Mitchells picked her up and put her in live sex shows. Soon washed up, DeRenzy decided to use her in one of his hardcore quickies and shot a standard vignette film with her peculiarity as the centerpiece. Now for those of you who don't know where Long Jeanne got her name, well...She doesn't have one of her legs (yes, you read that right) and uses the stump the same way gay boys use their arms!

So Long Jeanne Silver (the film) is just that, consisting of scene after scene of Long Jeanne sticking her long john in lots of girls (and even one boy in by far the film's funniest scene). To explain my negative review of this supposed cult classic, it's not that I'm a prude but this film is so boring! Maybe some people can sit through 70 minutes of dumb boring leg stump sex but not me. DeRenzy, who certainly proved himself a great director through such titles as Femmes DeSade, Pornography In Denmark and Pretty Peaches, just doesn't pull it off in this one.

Amber Hunt
China Leigh [LezOnly]
Kristine Heller
Long Jean Silver
Lori Blue [LezOnly]

Joey Silvera
Paul Thomas

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Amber Hunt, Joey Silvera, Long Jeanne Silver
Scene 2. guy, Long Jeanne Silver
Scene 3. China Leigh, Long Jeanne Silver, Lori Blue
Scene 4. blonde, Long Jeanne Silver, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Kristine Heller, Long Jeanne Silver

MKV, 1.35 GB, 01:04:57, 720/480, 23 fps, English


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