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Angie Baby (1974) – German Classics

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Angie Baby (1974)
Randy Angie UK (alternative title)

She's a pusher... She's a Godfather's college-girl... She's Angie!

Year : 1974
Production company : Hilltop Productions
Distributors :
* Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) (1975) (Canada) (theatrical)
* Grand National Film Distributors (1981) (UK) (theatrical)
* New Select (1975) (Japan) (theatrical)
* Nitro (2002) (UK) (DVD)
* Cal Vista
Filming Locations : n/a
Language : German
File : AVI
File size : 558 MB
Resolution : 640 x 480 (AR 5:4)
Duration : 01:26:44
Directed by Alan B. Colberg (as Arcen Ciel)
Producer : Arcen Ciel

* Alan B. Colberg
* John Barnum (as Barney Bossick)
* Becky Sharpe
* Gerard Broulard
* John Paul Jones
* Linda Neal ... Angie
* Linda York

This seems to be some version of an ultra-obscure US-made flick that was indeed originally calledANGIE BABY (1974; no imdb, no iafd, no nothin').

The blonde by the pool ('Linda Neal'?) can certainly be seen both on the DVD back cover and in thisstill from ANGIE BABY:

The movie was apparently re-edited in 1982, with the original footage credited to pseudonymous director/producer "Arcen Ciel" (possibly Alan Colberg) and the new material credited to one "Mike West".

The cast is given as: Linda Neal, David Douglas, Becky Sharpe, Linda York, and Barney Bossick. These are likely all pseudonyms, apart from Barney Bossick, who also appeared in Alan Colberg's FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE... WERE LOVERS (1975).
The original Mike Hunter VHS release was around 1982/83, so could make use of the later re-edit. The names credited on the Mike Hunter release seem pretty much arbitrary: the DVD calls the three lead female performers 'Rose Silverstein', 'Brigitte Caroff', and 'Sarah Marlen', while the original VHS referred to them as 'Lucie Silverstein', 'Brigitte Caroff', and 'Rose Marie'.

Linda York is the redhead who plays the youngest college-girl, Jenny. She's the one who strips down to her purple panties in the swimming pool and seduces the older Mr. Brandt, getting him to scrub her back in the shower. Linda is probably best remembered for her role as Brandy, the possessed college-lady college-girl in Angel Above, the Devil Below, a porn spoof on The Excorcist:



Denaniel I've had this in avi format for a long time and always wondered about its origins.
1974 sounds about right for the original version of this film, which was probably softcore. The hardcore inserts may have been added later, or the film may have been released in hard and soft versions originally to suit different markets. The inserts are especially obvious in Linda's scene, because we can see in the mid-range shots that her pussy hair is really red, but in the hardcore closeups the pubic hair is black.
None of the other actresses looks familiar, but perhaps someone who's watched more of the American sexploitation films of this era will recognize them.

The setting is clearly southern California, judging by the landscape, the cars, and the signs in the town. The original English version may be long lost, but then again, maybe it will turn up in an attic or a storage locker like some others that have emerged from obscurity...



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