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Satisfaction Guaranteed (1972) – USA Classics

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Melvin Kissem
(The actual title of the film is Satisfaction Guaranteed)From the After Hours series "Grindhouse Trash 2"

The actual title of the film is Satisfaction Guaranteed(http://www.iafd.com/title.rme/title=...guaranteed.htm).

"Melvin Kissem" is the (presumably phony) name of the director, the last surviving title screen at the head end of the print, and hence mistaken for the title.

Which includes

(Satisfaction Guaranteed)
The most entertaining of the bunch is definitely Melvin Kissem (no, I have absolutely no idea what that title means [NOW WE DO]), a California-lensed quickie about three hot-to-trot working girls who take the idea of a secretarial pool literally by nailing everyone in sight, which in this case means three guys with whom they swap out in a spacious house complete with a huge bed and an indoor swimming pool. Most of the cast is better looking than usual, and everyone seems to be in the spirit and having more fun than the usual disinterested bumping and grinding.

.... is the work of none other than the After Hours Collector's good buddy, Charles Lamont (better known to 60s sexploitation fanatics as C. Davis Smith). A pure product of the infamous Kirtman Studios and an off-kilter example of Gotham-born grind-fare, it follows the erotic adventures of two red-blooded roommates - an airline hostess and an exotic dancer.

"My life is so empty since Brian was killed in Viet Nam," we hear a ravishing, dark-haired beauty complain in voice-over. She calls aloud for her lost lover, begins to get horny, and caresses herself to orgasm. Still hot in the pants, she manages to maneuver Brian's army buddy into the sack, referring to him by her dead husband's name.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Screens :

Year : 70's
Studio : My uncle Earl's place
Branded : Circle Q Ranch
Language : Yes
File : .avi
File size : 358.6 MB
Resolution : 512x384
Duration : 00:53:22
Quality : The way it was meant to look
Director : Melvin Kissem
Starring :
* Cletus Flazunc
* Muriel Periden
* Flavia Potundo
* Ma Brian Sohertz
* Linksky Rooter
* Fleur Botanier
* Harold Ramus
* Gordy Tap
* Tommy Hunter
* Fadz Domina
* Raul Macarthny
* Giorgio Busche
Ivan, the not so terrible

Plot :

... Melvin Kissem (Satisfaction Guaranteed) concerns the amorous adventures of three secretaries willing to ante up for an evening of satisfying sport sex. That's right, fellas... gals who pay to fuck (and it's about time!). Having coincidentally called up the same male stud service, our three honeys arrive separately at the same shag-carpeted love nest to pair off with a trio of handsomer-than-average porn studs. After a bit of haggling over the cost of services, each couple gets down to business, performing the usual repertoire of passionate postures and filthy feats to the strains of canned soundtrack music.
After everyone manages to make it in their separate playpens, the couples re-converge in a large bedroom with a built-in swimming pool (!) With no additional appointments for the evening, the male prosties offer to continue pleasuring the ladies on a pro-bono basis. They fuck and suck in the pool, swap pairs liberally on a tangerine-colored bedspread (ah, the Seventies!), and finish up by discussing what a good time they all had.


Jodi Thorpe (Credited: Anne Brady)
Laurien Dominique (Credited: Linda Bailey)
Toni Scott [Anal]


Ray Wells
Paul Scharf
Spender Travis

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jodi Thorpe, Paul Scharf
Scene 2. Toni Scott, Spender Travis
Scene 3. Laurien Dominique, Ray Wells
Scene 4. Jodi Thorpe, Laurien Dominique, Toni Scott, Paul Scharf, Ray Wells, Spender Travis

File Size: 1.10 GB .mkv
Resolution: 716x482 @29.97fps
Duration: 00:53:30
Language: English
Video Quality: Fair to Poor
Audio Quality: Fair to Poor

OH MAN!!!! ....last night the sex was soooo good

that even the neighbors had a cigarette


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