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Love Dreams (1981)

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The source DVD looks pretty good, but some scenes are slightly too dark. Comparing it to the Beate Uhse VHS, occasionally details visible on the VHS are lost in shadows on the DVD. The VHS has somewhat brighter and more vivid coloration, but the image is not as sharp. Regardless, the version posted here still looks nice, especially after denoising, and it's a lot sharper than the other English version I've seen posted.


* Abigail Heath, probably Helen, the blonde college-girl in 2nd household
* Bonnie Holiday plays Mrs. Mills, wife in 2nd household
* Julia Perrin plays Julia
* Morgan Jones, probably wife in 3rd household
* Susan Nero plays Susan, maid in 3rd household


* Dale Meador plays Mr. Wallace (1st household) [NonSex]
* Harry Freeman plays director of employment agency [NonSex]
* Hershel Savage plays Mrs. Mills' young lover
* John Leslie plays Mr. Franklin (4th household)
* unknown 1 plays Mr. Mills, husband in 2nd household
* unknown 2 plays the General

There are other unknowns in NonSex roles not listed, including the secretary in the employment agency, Carmen (Mr. Wallace's girlfriend), and Marina (brunette college-girl in 2nd household).

My notes

Scene 1. Bonnie Holiday, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Julia Perrin, "Mr. Mills"
Scene 3. Abigail Heath?, Julia Perrin
Scene 4. Abigail Heath?, Julia Perrin, Herschel Savage
Scene 5. Morgan Jones?, husband in 3rd household
Scene 6. Sue Nero, the "General"
Scene 7. Julia Perrin (solo)
Scene 8. Julia Perrin, John Leslie

I've already written a lot about this film in previous posts above, but after watching this again recently I wanted to add a wee bit more.

Love Dreams is one of six films that Alan Vydra made in the U.S. (He made most of his films in Europe, as the in-house producer for Beate Uhse.) The other five films were, like this one, all shot in and around San Francisco, with mostly American casts:

Extremes (1980)
Feels Like Silk (1983)
Golden Gate Girls (1985)
Golden Girls (1983)
Sound of Love (1980)

Vydra used a mix of well-known porn stars and first-timers. Every film seems to have one or more unknown beauties, or one-shot wonders. In Love Dreams, she's the cute, blonde college-girl in the second household who seduces Julia and then joins in a threeway with Julia and Herschel. The wife in the third household is also an unknown never seen in any other film AFAIK, but unlike the first girl, she's not especially attractive. Her scene is pure comedy, but not erotic.

Trivia: the unusual house that is home to household #2 (probably in Marin County, just north and across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) also appeared in the film Satisfactions (1982), in the last scene with Kay Parker, Laura Lazare, and R. Bolla.

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