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Nylon Sex (1990s) – German [HQ] [Watch and Download]

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Nylon Sex (c. 1994) [DBM - Sextra] Download and Streaming Video for DVD High Quality Version

Store Date: 90s
Studio: Beverly Hills Pictures / Sexxtra
Director: Roy Tower
Producer: Julia Reavers
Starring: Rita Finch, Chuck Hoskins, Tonja Sandor, Eddy Rush, Backey Jakic

Anita Dalin

Just the feeling of nylon on naked skin let these girls already flow. Then blowing a beautiful cock stiffly and wrapped him in nylon, in the wet cunt to get stuck and constrained, gives them an explosive outlet. 

Beverly Hills Pictures flick re-released by DBM on DVD. Only 2 actresses in this but 2 scenes from Anita Dalin kind of makes up for any shortcoming in this regard.

Though a DVD rip, this is VHS quality and thus fairly average. Can't know for sure but better resolution still suggests an upgrade on the previous version.

Size: 816mb
Length: 1:22:28
Dimensions: 720x576
Quality: DVD rip
Language: German (Original sound)




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