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Make Me Feel It (1985) – USA Classics

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Taija Rae
Carol Cross
Kristara Barrington (Credited: K. Barrington) [Facial]
Kelly Nichols [Facial]
Sharon Kane


Frank Serrone
George Payne
Joe Elliot (Credited: Jake West)
Klaus Multia
R. Bolla

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kelly Nichols, Klaus Multia
Scene 2. Carol Cross, Kristara Barrington, Joe Elliot
Scene 3. Sharon Kane, R. Bolla
Scene 4. Kelly Nichols, Frank Serrone
Scene 5. Taija Rae, George Payne
Scene 6. Carol Cross, Kristara Barrington, Sharon Kane, George Payne, Joe Elliot, R. Bolla

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Duration: 01:15:47
Language: English
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Audio Quality: Very Poor


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