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Lucrèce Adolescente Curieuse aka Prends-moi vite – (1980) (FR) (RARE) [Download]

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Cover credits : Prends moi vite - Director : John Love – Cast : Nicole Jinoux ; Melody Bird ; Doupat ; Guy Roger

Fascination pornographique
Prends moi vite et laisse toi faire
Prends-moi vite
Prends-moi vite par derrière et laisse-toi faire
Prends-moi comme une chienne
L’un dans l’autre on tient le bon bout

Director: Alain Payet (as John Love)


Hélène Shirley ... Lucrèce (as Nicole Ginoux)
Guy Royer … the narrator
Richard Allan ... (as Richard Lemieuvre) plays Richard
Brigitte Verbecq
Mélodie Bird plays Marie
Dominique Saint Claire ... Patty (as Dompat)
Lucie Doll plays Lucie
Gabriel Pontello plays Guy
Cyril Val = Alain Plumey plays the neighbour

Format: avi
Size: 818,53 Mb
Resol: 640x480
Length: 01:25:25 (with trailers)
Lang: French
Quality: Just acceptable

Credits as above

Just one small detail about a redundancy in the cast list: Brigitte Verbecq and Mélodie Bird are, of course, two names for the same actress.


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