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Come Here And Give It To StepMilfy Aka Viens, J’aime Ça [HQ] (1978)

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Come Here And Give It To Mommy (1978) - french language [Alpha France] Watch & Download - Vintage Porn Movie

Blondes humides (Viens j'aime ca)

Stars: Brigitte Lahaie Guy Royer Cathy Stewart Barbara Moose Lucie Doll Valerie Martin Charlie Schreiner Richard Allan Cyril Val Liliane Allan

Description: Brigitte Lahaie at her best in this golden age of film XXX French treat. In the role of an office assistant offering its services and its charms, Brigitte Lahaie more beautiful than ever, goes above and beyond all her sexual impulses. A truculent work applauded by a crowd of enthusiastic spectators during its release on June 21, 1978 in the ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.

Resolution: 852x480 - 2103 kbps
File Size : 1.02 GB
Duration : 01:09:30
File Type : mp4
Language: French

Scene 1: Brigitte Lahaie - Cathy Stewart - Richard Allan
Scene 2: Barbara Moose - Richard Allan
Scene 3: Lucie Doll - Richard Allan
Scene 4: Barbara Moose - Brigitte Lahaie - Charlie Schreiner
Scene 5: Richard Allan - Valerie Martin


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