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USA/1982, 1984
Directed By: Chris Warfield
Written By: Chris Warfield, John Hayes
Starring: Laura Lazare, Sidney Fellows, Becky Savage
Color/158 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: August 5, 2014The Films
In PURELY PHYSICAL A beautiful young college student takes an overnight job at the desk of a seedy motel. She quickly finds out that most of the motel's business is from all sorts of couples, prostitutes, perverts and sexual deviants. The girl's sheltered upbringing begins to fall away as she is repeatedly propositioned by men and women alike. Eventually she acts upon her fantasies and gives one of the regulars the wake up call he's been dreaming of!

CATHOUSE FEVER is the tale of a young woman looking for love and some college coeds looking to pay tuition by working in a whore house. Their sexual encounters from a man who's mouth is taped shut by his wife so he can't talk to other women (she never said anything about fucking them!) to getting tired from not being able to get someone off despite the cash being thrown at them.0181  0031

Cathouse Fever  1.34GB | 78:32mins | 853×480 | mkv
Purely Physical  1.41GB | 82:21mins | 853×480 | mkv

                                                     Purely Physical                                                           Cathouse Fever 


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