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Ta**o American Style 1 (1985) [DVD5] [HQ] [Watch & Download]

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Also Known As
Nena - Das geile Biest von nebenan - Teil 1 (German release by Ribu Video)
Ta**o American Style Part 1: The Ruthless Beginning

Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, T**oo American-Style is the four-part saga of one young womans sexual awakening and the power she attains with it.

In Part 1, Nina (played by Raven) gets her first taste of passion with her best friend's boyfriend. Her newfound desires turn her upper-middle-class family upside down.

In part 2, Nina's newfound sexuality prompts her to take on her mother's secret lover, which in turn creates more than a little tension around the house.

In part 3, Nina continues her campaign of unabashed seduction, taking on all comers. But such sexual feats are not enough for Nina, and it isn't long before she sets her sights on Hollywood ...

And in part 4, naughty Nina Sutherland continues her quick rise to fame and fortune, leaving her broken and sexually exhausted family in ruins. She sets her sights on show biz - and pity the fool who stands in her way. First, she makes sure her acting competition, Felitia Barrie, is caught in the act on the casting couch. Then, to snatch a leading role, she meets Sid Holtzman, a perverse agent who likes to watch his wife make it with young studs. When Nina finally arranges this sultry scenario, she finally lands a spot in the big-time. Everything runs smoothly for our new starlet, until cranky critic D.D. Dorfman wages a one-man war against Nina on national TV. Nina can't take criticism, so she gives our doubting Dorfman a private performance - and, needless to say, his reaction is "thumbs up"! Nobody can stop Nina now….

Cast: Raven, Taija Rae, Gloria Leonard, Carol Cross, Sara Bernard, Kelly Nichols, Sharon Kane, Long Jean Silver, Paul Thomas, R. Bolla, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Adam Frank, Frank Serrone, Jose Duval, Steve Lockwood

 Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Gloria Leonard, R. Bolla
Scene 2. Taija Rae, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Raven, Taija Rae
Scene 4. Raven, Frank Serrone
Scene 5. Gloria Leonard, R. Bolla
Scene 6. Raven, Paul Thomas
Scene 7. Raven, Paul Thomas

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