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Nudie Cuties #19 (1930-1960s) [SWV] [43 Clips Collection] [Download]

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1. 1940s beach baby
2. 1930s Hollywood Models
3. 1935 Zoro Gardens
4. Patricia (Joanne Arnold)
5. The Continental spoof (Bebe Hughes)
6. Bedtime brunette
7. Mountain stream lovely
8. Telephone gal
9. Tanya Murietta
10. Your Hollywood Pin-Up 197
11. Pin Up Prettie 1078
12. Cherri Knight
13. Key-Hole Peex 317 (Stacy Randall)
14. Key-Hole Peex 143
15. Hollywood Glamour Pin-Up 515
16. The Excitable Red-Head
17. Hollywood Cuties 680
18. Stable girl
19. Hollywood Glamour Pin-Up 568 (Busty Brown)
20. Pin-Up Pretties 167 (Bobbie Reynolds)
21. Nudie Cuties No. 224
22. Pin-Up Pretties 143
23. Body Beautiful
24. Pin-Up Pretties 140
25. Your Hollywood Pin-Up Girl 164
26. Pin-Up Pretties 189
27. Your Hollywood Pin-Up 189
28. Hollywood Cuties 606
29. Pin-Up Pretties 173
30. Hollywood Cuties 651
31. Pin-Up Pretties 138
32. Brunette lounger
33. Ballet warm-ups
34. Restful
35. Venus
36. Key-Hole Peex 157
37. Margie Harrison
38. Malibu skinny-dipper
39. Telephone gal
40. 1960s
41. 1950s high-flying blonde
42. 1950s in silk
43. 1960s in the lab

Long lost gems await discovery in this assortment of videos. It starts off with two fine old indoor/outdoor films but the early star is the incredible expose of the Zoro Gardens nudist camp. The 1935 California-Pacific International Exposition was a World’s Fair-like production held in San Diego. A real live nudist camp was built an exhibit, and countless paying customers peeped through holes in the fence to spy on serious nudists imported for the event. Try that today! The next must-see is a wonderful spoof of The Continental, in which Bebe Hughes takes the role of the glamour girl romanced by an unseen charmer. The loops continue to delight, as the next set brings more outdoor footage, including a Spiderpool loop, the stunning Tanya Murietta, a windblown mountaintop Cherry Knight, and a striptease by Stacy Randall. It’s almost too much to bare as Busty Brown shows up at the Spiderpool, Bobbie Reynolds gardens, and Margie Harrison lolls for our entertainment pleasure. Fans of beachcombers, gardeners, stablehands, ironers, and ballerinas will also find something to delight them in this spectacular compilation. Those wild 1960s cap off the fun with a blonde beauty in, of all places, Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory! --Nick Rowan, Rowan Art

avi; 1010 MB; 640x480; 01:56:45 (no audio)

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Antique Erotica 1 (1920’s-40’s) – USA Old Classics

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Country: USA
Language: English
Distributor: Pleasure Productions
Director: Unknown
Starring: Unknown

Description: These Turn Ons from the Turn of the Century are sizzling with timeless pleasure...Sex! There are ancient carvings and paintings that suggest that appreciation for sex is no new idea. Here in Antique Erotica, early motion picture cameras have captured a peek into past passions full of erotic desire!

File: 733 MB
Type: WMV
Duration: 01:13:17
Video: 640 x 480, WMV3, 29.970 fps, 1359 kbps, 0.158 bit/pixel
Audio: 32000Hz, 32 kb/s, stereo (2/0)

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