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Alex De Renzy’s Powder Burns (1971) – American Classic Porn Movie

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This is Director Alex De Renzy's first attempt at directing an adult (non documentary) movie.

It shows!!

The story makes no sense.

Is it a western?

What is it?

I didn't know they had cars in the west and the women wore high heels!

The sex scenes (2 or 3 of them at the most) are very plain and bordering on soft core.

It's a good thing De Renzy's finally found his true Director niche later.

Otherwise some of the best films from the Golden Age of Porn, over a dozen of them, would never have been made.

This is the Vinegar Syndrome Release


Kim Pope


George S. McDonald

There are other actors and actresses in this but it has no opening or ending cast credit.

Scene Breakdowns


File Size: 1.13 GB .mkv
Resolution: 720x480 @23.976fps
Duration: 01:12:01
Language: English
Video Quality: Poor to Good - lots of scratches on the original print source
Audio Quality: Good

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