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Return Of The Bimbo (1992) (Rare) (USA) [Download]

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Cast: Devon Shire, Domonique Simone, Taylor Wane, Cameo, Leanna Foxxx, Jerry Butler, Tom Chapman, Wayne Summers
Studio: Arrow Productions

Description: What turns you on? Wet holes being licked until climax in a nasty lesbian foursome? A big-breasted, black slut ready to wear a lovely pearl necklace? Arrow Productions brings you a sexy story starring Leanna Foxxx and friends, bimbos who have seen it, and done it all!

File: 669 MB (669 MB), duration: 1:11:07, type: ASF, 1 audio stream(s), quality: 35 %
Video : 637 MB, 1252 Kbps, 20.563 fps, 480*360 (4:3), WMV3 = Windows Media Video 9
Audio : 32 MB, 64 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 0x161 = WMA 2 (v7,v8) or Divx audio v4



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