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Summer of Laura (1975) (USA) [HQ] [Download]

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Along a lonely beach on a summer colony off the Long Island coast, a man walks slowly, reliving a summer, the summer of Laura, when he was 19. Richie, (David Hunter), has a friend on the island, Gene (Eric Edwards), who is gregarious and mischievous. Like the more sensitive Richie, he too, was 19. During that summer of awakening he loses his youthful desires and develops his manhood. On the way to the movies, Richie literally bumps into Laura, (introducing Marsha Moon), an older woman who lives nearby. She asks him if he'll help her with some chores the following day. He is totally flustered, but agrees. Richie goes to her house and after knocking on the door, and getting no response, enters. On the floor he finds a crumpled telegram which reads, "Your husband, Bob Hayes, has been killed in action." Laura appears, lonely and vulnerable. She moves toward him in a gesture of human contact. They slowly begin to dance. "That summer we lost 5 frisbees, saved a girl from a silly snake, saw our first skin flick, and I lost my Laura." The sea rises and the past is over.

Starring: Flo Zeasily, Helen Madigan, Kim Pope, Marsha Moon, Melissa Hall, Alan Spitz, David Hunter, Eric Edwards, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Wade Nichols.

Eric Edwards
David Hunter
Helen Madigan
Marsha Moon
Wade Nichols
Kim Pope

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Marsha Moon, Wade Nichols
Scene 2. Helen Madigan, Kim Pope
Scene 3. Eric Edwards, Helen Madigan
Scene 4. David Hunter, Helen Madigan
Scene 5. brun, Harry Reems
Scene 6. Eric Edwards, Helen Madigan, Kim Pope
Scene 7. David Hunter, Marsha Moon

Format: avi
Size: 686 Mb
Resol: 640x464
Length: 01:13:04 (with trailers)
Lang: English
Quality: Pretty good

1: Poor Bush looks like one big blob
2: Fair Bush from far looks solid but close up you can make out the hairs
3: Good Somewhat easy to make out individual hair
4: Very good You can count the pussy hair
5: Excellent Well, like alphafrance

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