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Les Femmes Mariees (1982) – French Classic Movie

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Les Femmes Mariees (1982)

Just a FYI
aka Dames de compagnie
This is the French version of Sexrageous (1980) 

Directed by: Burd Tranbaree
Studio: Alpha France
Language: French

Starring: Helen Shirley | Laura Claire | Lucie Doll | Elisabeth Bure | Richard Allan | Anna Veruschka | Christine Maffei
Jacques Gaio | Hoss Malbrouck | Alban Ceray | Jacques Gato | Hubert Geral | Gabriel Pontello

Description: Before the secretaries, the housekeepers, nurses, air hostesses, there is a sexual fantasy like no other than this: "women of others".
Francois has discovered a network of "married women" who decided to explode (among which Helen Shirley and Elisabeth Bure) and makes a very exciting fantasy
Cast & Scenes:
1. Elisabeth Bure, Nadine Roussial, Laura Clair, Nicole Segaud, Richard Lemieuvre - BJ only in this scene
2. Elisabeth Bure, Nicole Segaud, Jacques Gatteau - BJ only in this scene
3. Lucie Doll, Richard Lemieuvre, Jacques Gatteau - DP in this scene
4. Anna Veruska, Nadine Roussial, Omar Faudel, Richard Lemieuvre
5. Elisabeth Bure, light-skinned black woman (Anal), Hubert Geral, Alban Ceray
6. Anna Veruska, Richard Lemieuvre - No cumshot
7. Lucie Doll, Omar Faudel, Gabriel Pontello... Laura Clair, Guy Royer, Anna Veruska, Hubert Geral... Elisabeth Bure, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud (uses a cucumber as a dildo), Jacques Gatteau, Richard Lemieuvre
8. Anna Veruska, Richard Lemieuvre - no completion

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