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October Silk (1980) (USA) [Vintage Porn Movie] [Watch & Download]

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Production year: 1980

Duration: 75 min

Country: USA

Directed by: Henri Pachard

Studio: Command Video

Cast: Abigail Clayton, Arcadia Lake, Bobby Astyr, Christie Ford, David Ruby, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Gloria Leonard, Jack Teague, Jesse Adams, Merle Michaels, Tara Smith

Description: Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard team up to bring you this stylish, sophisticated and intensely erotic New Wave masterpiece. Voted "Best Film" by Hustler Magazine readers in 1981, October Silk was borne out of the enormous success of Howard and Pachard's first collaboration - Babylon Pink. The story follows the intertwining lives and lusts of several distinctive and libidinous characters played by a veritable Who's Who in classic erotic films - Gloria Leonard, Lisa Deleeuw, Candida Royalle, Aracadia Lake, Samantha Fox, Eric Edwards and Bobby Astyr. It also features outrageous and taboo sexual antics like sex with invalids, familial lust and a rather unorthodox technique to cure an impotent husband. Daring and provocative for its time, October Silk continued the storied and tittilating success of two masterful collaborators from the Golden Age of adult cinema.

The weather's cool and the sex is hot when nine world famous covergirls set the town burning in this autumn indulgence. A naughty boutique is the meeting place for the devious and sensual women of October Silk. Sultry Redhead, Lisa Deleeuw inflames herself to the furtive acts of passion when her married lover says goodbye. A hotblooeded nurse, she takes a tumble with a patient that only makes her tingle for more. Alone in her mansion with her lover's housemaid, she teases the exotic Arcadia Lake onto her table for the ultimate lovefeast. Back at the boutique, Gloria Leonard turns on with her stockboy after the lights do out. Domineering and voluptuous, she's a bonfire in the back room. Christie Ford and Merle Michaels are edible blonde confections. After cheerleading practice, they corner an old lecher in his pad. squirming in delight as they lead him on. Samantha Fox is a sales lady. She changes lovers like she changes nylons but they never forget her handy techniques. Candida Royalle, a lady of mystery, brings stunning pro Tara Smith along on a mission of mercy for ravishing housewife Abigail Clayton and her chilly husband. In the most erotic foursome ever filmed, the three women use a variety of succulent sins to make him erupt like a volcano. It's a memorable climax to a film filled with them.

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Candida Royalle, John Boland
Scene 2. Samantha Fox, Jesse Adams
Scene 3. Lisa De Leeuw, David Ruby
Scene 4. Arcadia Lake, Lisa De Leeuw
Scene 5. Christie Ford, Merle Michaels, Jack Teague
Scene 6. Christine DeShaffer, Bobby Astyr
Scene 7. Gloria Leonard, George Payne
Scene 8. Abigail Clayton, Candida Royalle, Tara Smith, Eric Edward

Size: 360 Mb


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