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Soft Warm Rain (1978) – Classic Movie

Cast: Tracy Adams, Siobhan Hunter, Keisha, Buddy Love, Sheri St Clair, Randy West.

Description: The story is one of magical adventure. A gold prospector (Randy West) searching for the legendary treasure of an ancient Native-American tribe, is dying of thirst in the barren western desert when he spies and grasps a golden medallion in the sand. Could this be a part of the fortune hat was used to pay homage to the tribe's rain goddess? Then a vision appears. A breathtakingly beautiful young woman, dressed in regal Indian garb, revives him with water and leads him to a pond in a lush oasis. She is Ky-rie, the tribe's word for "soft warm rain."
What follows is a couple's ultimate fantasy. She provides the food and the rains that replenish the Waters of Life. And by giving and bathing the prospector in the special waters, he also becomes the tribe's way of prolonging life. Soon all the beautiful woman of the village want this man who has partaken of the waters. And they in turn pass on his magical strength to others, until the entire tribe is one undulating, loving mass of orgasmic passion.

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Play Me (1989) – USA Classic Movies


Deidre Holland


Randi West
Jon Dough

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Champagne, Randy West
Scene 2. Deidre Holland, Tianna, Randy West
Scene 3. Champagne, Jon Dough
Scene 4. Champagne, Deidre Holland
Scene 5. Deidre Holland, Jon Dough

File Size: 604.99 MB .avi
Resolution: 512x384 @29.97fps
Duration: 01:21:27
Language: English
Video Quality: Very Poor to Poor
Audio Quality: Very Poor to Poor

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