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Exzesse In der Schönheitsfarm (1984)

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Exzesse In der Schönheitsfarm (aka Wild Playgirls II) (1984)

Alban Ceray and Richard Lemieuvre have expanded their activities from Wild Playgirls and now run a health farma for women in a large mansion, where they keep a pet parrot called Mitterand. Eva Kleber visits a travel agent (Jacques Gateau) and books a holiday there, not quite realising what is provided.
After witnessing the other clients getting what they paid for their fantasies fulfilled – she avails herself of the services too. Finally word gets out and Jacques Gateau is besieged by women wanting to book a place. One of these is Emmanuelle Parze.

Alternate Titles
S.O.S. Fantasmes
Wild Playgirls II
Exzesse In der Schonheitsfarm

Barbel von Staden as Barbara Legrand
Cathy Manard
Christine Black
Diane Dupont
Emmanuelle Paraze brief, non-sex
Eva Kleber plays Giselle
Karine Hornel as Kathrine Nuevo
Olinka Hardiman as Olinka Petrowa
Patricia Pasquale
Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan
Alban Ceray
Gerard Lippard (Gerard Luig)
Francois Terlah
Jacques Gatteau (non-sex) plays the travel agent

Scene 1. Patricia Pasquale [anal], Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 2. Diane Dupont, Gerard Luig
Scene 3. Olinka Hardiman, Francois Terlah, Gerard Luig
Scene 4. Cathy Ménard, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 5. Eva Kleber, Alban Ceray
Scene 6. Bärbel von Staden, Christine Black
Scene 7. Bärbel von Staden, Christine Black, Gerard Luig
Scene 8. Bärbel von Staden, Christine Black, Alban Ceray, Gerard Luig
Scene 9. Olinka Hardiman, Alban Ceray
Scene 10. Bärbel von Staden, Alban Ceray
Scene 11. Eva Kleber (solo)
Scene 12. Karine Hornel (solo)
Scene 13. Karine Hornel, Alban Ceray
Scene 14. Patricia Pasquale [anal fisting, DPP, DP], Alban Ceray, Richard Lemieuvre

2 versions,  French & German

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