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Le fatiche erotiche di Hercules(1997)

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Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Stars: Kelly Trump, Hakan Serbes, Mike Foster

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as:Hercules a Sex Adventure

Zeus, the mightiest of the Greek Gods, takes on the form of King Creontes and warns his human son Hercules about falling in love with the king’s daughter Megara: Hera, Zeus’ wife, will not allow the union. Naturally, it is too late. Hercules is in love already (though he has a couple of other fucks…with Megara’s servant girl, for instance, or Zeus’ handmaiden). Meanwhile, Hera’s magic renders Megara frigid, and when Hercules finally arrives at her palace rendezvous, he is in for a surprise. As a sexy oracle girl then tells him, he will have to find the Golden Apple of the Hesperides, the only cure for that sort of thing. But she doesn’t tell him about the crazed bunch of Amazons that plan on killing the hero.

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