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Secrets sadiques (1984) (French) [Download]

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Image quality (656X480) : rip of an aged VHS, moving image and moving stripes, not terrific but watchable.
Length : 60 minutes
Language : French

Info from IMDb :

Secrets sadiques (1984)
60 min
Directed by Johana Morgan


Jean-Pierre Armand
Alban Ceray
Alain L'Yle


  • Cecile [4]
  • Christine [9]
  • Laurence [2]
  • Nathalie Idoux
  • Nathalie Lhermite
  • Pascale Vouillot

Story : a group of friends tells about their erotic dreams and experiences.

+/- Between 1982 and 1985, to bypass the repressive law on porn films, some French editors and directors like Gilbert Roussel (James H. Lewis) who was the most productive one (see Nakipa), Johanna Morgan, Michel Ricaud and José Bénazéraf shoot films directly in video (the law was not applicable to video) of +/- 60 minutes each and some film theatres were equipped with video projection material.
Johana Morgan (or Joanna Morgan in Encyclociné), as far as We know, only shoot films in video also using the AKA Jacques Péroni.
Mon cul est à prendre is another of her films.
Those films had cheap budgets, shoot mostly in one day, are far from the quality of the 70’s French films, and mainly with amateur actresses. Still some times surprising scenes, like here the first one directing a "plump" girl, which is not so usual in classic French porn, followed by comments by the dreamer who defines the girl as a "boudin" (= +/- unatractive girl).


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