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Colegial Sacana (1986) (Brazil) (Rare)

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Colegial Sacana (1986)

Year: 1986
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: none
Writer/Director: Juan Bajon
Studio: Galapagos
Distributor: Brasil Internacional Cinematográfica

Size: 664.52 MB
Resolution: 352x272
Length: 01:18:32 (film actually runs only ~65 minutes)
Format: xvid
Framerate: 25 fps
Aspect: 4x3
Video bitrate: 978 kbps
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Audio rate: 44100 Hz
Quality: a little dark and aged, but decent VHS

Plot: unknown

Notes: Since it was rather hard to find, would make it more accessible to fellow pornophiles here. Duration is approx. 65 minutes and there is about 13.5 minutes of static at the end. Warning to homophobes: this contains a homoerotic scene in which two guys have a playful swordfight with their tallywhackers.

Cast/Scenes (via iafd):
1. Elias Breda
2. Marielle Giorgi
3. Marielle Giorgi, Elias Breda
4. Priscila Bianchi, Emerson Cordeiro, Luis Flavio
5. Marielle Giorgi, Elias Breda
6. Priscila Bianchi, Emerson Cordeiro, Luis Flavio
7. Marielle Giorgi, Priscila Bianchi, Elias Breda, Emerson Cordeiro, Luis Flavio
8. Marielle Giorgi, Elias Breda
9. Marielle Giorgi, Elias Breda


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