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Spiked Heels and Black Nylons (1967) (Softcore) [Download]

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Under Reba's supervision, a variety of women cater to the strange desires of Club Lesbo's clientele:
Myrna turns to prostitution to support her costly drug habit; Sybil enjoys sex with men but prefers
the forbidden company of women; Dienna performs a topless dance under the erotic influence of
marijuana; and Gina, a suburban housewife blackmailed into entertaining, enjoys being degraded in
spite of herself. Gina's policeman husband raids the club and finds her making love to another man;
overwhelmed by shame, she pleads with him to kill her.

Director: Whit Boyd
Cherry James... Gina
Bill Thurman...Abel
Shirley Boyd...Sybil
Rosemarie McKay...Myrna
Ann Ruthers...Reba
Cher Lamait
Ann Phillips

Mov _|_ 537MB _|_ 690X466 _|_ 01:15:37



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