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Spiegel der Lüste (aka Portrait-Passion 2) (1992) [Download]

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Portrait-Passion II (1992) Vintage Porn Movie Download in English and German Audio tracks integrated in AVI

Actors & Actresses:

Rocco Siffredi as Dorian Gray

Laszlo Dosza as Harry
Gyorgy Hunyadkurthy as Victor

Other actors: Istvan Szilagyi, Juri Milesz

Actresses: Agnes(Tania Kabanas), Barbie Est(Emanuelle Bali), Elodie Cherie, Jasmine(Emy Rush), Samantha Wood (flashback from part 1), Simona Valli, and many other unknown actresses.

Nils Molitor

Year: 1992

This is the second part to our previous post "Bildnis der Leidenschaft aka Portrait Passion". Both parts are, more or less, a free narration of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. As both movies most likely were shot together, the cast list (except the actresses) remains almost the same. Again, the overall quality of decorations and costumes is superb and a lot of money was spent on those. Rocco's acting is fine too, as he's playing a convincing Dorian Grey. As for the sex scenes... There's a lot of them and they are a little bit wilder this time. Then again, it's what you would expect from a second part. Because of the story, acting, costumes, music, decorations and the sex scenes shot from hot perspectives We like both parts very much.

English Narration:
Instead of posting two language versions like the last time, the AVI you'll find here has the narration as a selectable second audio track included. Use a player that let's you select different audio tracks. We tested it on GOM Player and Media Player Classic and it works fine.
It's the first time We've tried this. As it's easy to do We will have second audio options included in future posts whenever possible.

Starring: Rocco Siffredi (Dorian Gray), Laszlo Dosza (Harry), Gyorgy Hunyadkurthy (Victor), Istvan Szilagyi, Juri Milesz, Agnes (Tania Kabanas), Barbie Est (Emanuelle Bali), Elodie Cherie, Jasmine (Emy Rush), Samantha Wood, Simona Valli

Duration: 01:26:06
Format: avi
Video: 720x576
Audio: mp3
Size: 1.57 gb

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