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Possessed (The Possession) (1971/74) (USA)

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Possessed (1970's)

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At risk of finding a live chicken nailed to our door, the After Hours Cinema Grindhouse Triple Feature Series has once again decided to explore the dark world of occult science. Aliester Crowley may have first proposed the idea that sex and magick were a potent combination, but the large number of storefront features pairing the two together has more than convinced After Hours Cinema that voodoo and hoo-hoo share a kind of secret affinity. What else but black magic could explain the fact that so many grindhouse films were made by so many people with no filmmaking ability at all? No matter what the explanation, the following threefer of paranormal grindhouse is sure to work its mojo on you!

Possessed 1974 - aka Possession is a rare example of an occult sexer with strangely unsettling racial undercurrents as well. Rose (Helen Madigan) and her husband Adam have recently moved to the Hollywood Hills, where Adam is pursuing a career as a talent agent. While her husband screws every would be chanteuse who walks through his office door, Rose keeps hearing frightening noises and experiencing strange erotic sensations around the house.

Format: avi
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Length: 00:58:09
Lang: English
Quality: Acceptable

Credits from Iafd:
Helen Madigan
Tina Russell

Discordance of date between Imdb (1974) and Iafd (1971)



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