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A Tight Delight (1985) aka Tight Delight

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A Tight Delight (1985) aka Tight Delight


Karen Summer (Credited: Karen Summers)
Chelsea Blake [LezOnly ]
Melanie Scott (Credited: Melissa Scott)
Tiffany Clark


George Payne
Jose Duval (Credited: Jose Latour)
Michael Knight (Credited: Joseph Black)
Jay Serling (Credited: Sven Jensson)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Karen Summer, Michael Knight
Scene 2. Melanie Scott, George Payne
Scene 3. Chelsea Blake, Melanie Scott
Scene 4. Tiffany Clark, Jay Serling
Scene 5. Melanie Scott, Jose Duval
Scene 6. Melanie Scott, Tiffany Clark
Scene 7. Melanie Scott, Michael Knight

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Duration: 01:07:54
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