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    44 thoughts on “Premium Membership/Donation”

    1. A great premium access for both perverts and vintage lovers. Comprehensive movie scenes material and good support.
      Good value for money.

    2. Great membership system, It is a perfectly working for vintage adult downloads with many uses and Rich features.

      Thank You:)

      1. Huge movies with great support, bought one for me and one for my girlfriend total: 40 $ …
        Great site..

        1. Great membership but it gives mostly download links from other file hostings i think it has great if it would give us main streaming like xvideos or xhamster but still useful, i am searching many of porn videos in classic adult but couldnt find on the net so vintagepornbay helps…

      1. Whats the reason?
        I will buy only bronze so hope it creates good opportunity to access all of the porn f

    3. Sexy site and great membership with all those capabilities and additional video tools. thanks..
      Note: I bought Gold membership.

    4. Great site great registration , thanks for alll.. hahha
      Although I didnt buy any membership but consider it too…

    5. All those movies are great for us as a Gold Member
      Also it has The right to vote for my
      favourite film or movie star

    6. very sexy membership and great support. I bought Silver but need to upgrade because i couldnt access some of the videos on the site, pls give me discount 🙂

    7. Great service and plugin to serve videos, also it respects our privacy thanks vintagepornbay you are the best at vintage porn.

      A lil bit problem was activation problems on when you create an account but its immediately resolves by technical service.

    8. It gives our pussies wet and makes our dicks hard .
      Thank its great membership especially gold and silver one…

    9. Ohh, I immediately request a ticket and they came in a min to help me. Thanks great support, It would be okay if you put a request movies section to your site vintagepornbay…

    10. I can briefly say somethings about this membership;
      – It’s cheaper than others if you buy 1 month or 3 months
      – The highest membership price is outreagously expensive i guess.
      – The content on this website especially download links for some movies are not hardly find by simply typing to google.
      -Removing ads is a good feature of these premium memberships because this site has lots of shitty advertising.
      – One of the best thing is streaming videos that we cant find anywhere expect this site. (Still some of them are easily find on some adult search engines)
      – I can give 3/5 rate for these memberships.
      – Its not automatic so you need to wait the support team activate your account.

    11. I’m logged in but as I browse to the home page I get only the membership promotion page! But I’m already logged in and want to go check out your merchandise! Don’t like going around in circle after circle the way your website is set up…the site logic isn’t clear, and it is circuitous. This is a longstanding problem and I really, really wish you would fix it!

      1. Dear Kaleopono,

        Which browser are you using? Did you click get access button on the homepage? If not, please clear all of your cookies and refresh your ip address then restart your computer or mobile phone and try again to browse our site. If the problem still continues, we will look into your account as your behalf and try other ways to fix it.
        Our content warning page cookie time finish time is 30 day.

        Important Note: Your 1-Year Technical Support which is included in Platinum Membership has finished.
        Your Registration Date: Sun Nov 8th, 2015
        @ precisely 5:56 pm

        On the date of Nov 8th, 2016 you have to order our Bronze Membership to continue your tech support. However your lifetime membership will be continue.

        VPBay Consumer Support Specialist

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    13. Great membership I got Platinum package and all of the content can be accessible , this site has very classy pics and videos thanks
      William T

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