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Nudie Cuties #99 – Softcore (US)

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1. 1950s vivacious auburn-tressed vixen applies body lotion
2. 1950s sleepy brunette lazily lounges on a couch
3. 1950s pretty platinum blonde takes a shower
4. 1940s nature girl takes up amateur photography
5. 1960s sleek & sexy gal in big white panties poses
6. 1960s brunette wearing a headscarf smokes on a striped bed
7. 1960s ebony beauty in black lingerie
8. 1960s petite dark-haired doll gets a telegram
9. 1960s brunette flip chick in a sheer nightie plays with stuffed poodles
10. 1960s trashy plain jane lolls around in front of a fireplace
11. 1960s busty & zoftig gal with big blonde hairdo
12. 1960s stunning raven-haired sex kitten
13. 1950s skinny brunette does a wacky dance
14. 1940s country bumpkin in a cornfield
15. 1950s suburban stripteaser
16. 1960s the ebony beauty in black lingerie is back
17. 1960s gorgeous blonde with long curly hair
18. 1950s quick takes including Jackie Hilton

avi; 1,008 MB; 640x480; 01:56:48


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