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AB-5593 WIFE IN THE BACK SEAT by David Crane (1988) [E-Book] [Download]

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Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The s**ol**oy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to see come true.

In this story, Betty Brady has learned to be honest with her sexual desires, and she becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a woman dedicated to becoming a sexually liberated soul — a person who not only feels sexually free, but who feels compelled to unshackle others from the bonds of Puritanism.

WIFE IN THE BACK SEAT deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate — but perhaps the answer lies with the individual. Let him or her decide his own standard of morality where sex between consenting individuals is concerned, just as Betty has done.


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