FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page is for VPBay newbie's (New Vintagepornbay Members). You can read most frequently asked questions on here and get quick answers for both free registration/paid membership and visitor issues .

Question: How is the Vintagepornbay works? What will I get if I buy Premium Membership? What are the benefits?

Answer: We have designed Vintagepornbay is an actually a paysite. So, you need to have Premium Memberships to access content on this website.

*Our Premium Memberships offers access to streaming clips, movie , porn clip downloading , image / video content with advertising free (no pop-up,pop-under and banner , float ads on it) surf on the site.

  • You can get higher download speeds with our Premium link generators and partnered file hostings like with 1fichier and hugefiles.
  • Content unlocking rate is depends on your Premium membership; Platinum is unlocking %100 of the website.
  • You can ask any movie and clips to find out by our experts.
  • Mobile (Android, Iphone) compatible adult streaming.
  • Up to 2000 videos/clips.
  • Access to http://tube.vintagepornbay.com
  • Premium profile features.
  • No ads or pop unders.
  • Get friendship with our other premium members on the area of same interests.
  • Gain many other benefits.
Platinum Premium
Example Page of Platinum Membership; You will get access to hd/non-hd mainstream movie clips, streaming porn clips and much more. Plus Ads Free!
Platinum Premium Links
Platinum Premium Links, you will get login and pass on zevera and premium link generators for high speed downloading.
Premium link generators
You will get access to our Premium link generators to download links/files/clips immediately and high speed!


Question: I bought a premium membership but my login and password does not appear on my e-mail address to login Vintagepornbay. Why?

Answer: Because our Premium Membership Account system is manually approved and the login is manually created by our tech service. It may take a few hours to get your login credentials into your registered e-mail address. Another problem about this would be the transaction ; you have to successfully transact and paid the price of membership to get your Premium account.

Question: When I enter the username and pwd into the pop-up window that is brought up by clicking the login link of the vintagepornbay landing page, instead of processing the login I’m taken to a second page where the login must be re-entered, along with the captcha quizz/I’m not a robot…and then the login fails

Answer: We think that these kind of problems are caused by your cookie/browser issues. Please delete all of your cookies and try different browser to login. There are hundreds of people using our system with their accounts without any problem. We guarantee that we can always give you another Premium account and pass if the first one was unable to login.

Question: How can I access to http://tube.vintagepornbay.com ?

Answer: You can access to our tube site (tube.vintagepornbay.com) with same credentials as what you got with your Platinum Membership.

Question: I get bogged down in a second set of sales propositions asking me to purchase high speed download, which I understood when I first subscribed to vintagepornbay was included in the package!
How about high-speed downloads?
Answer: You can get high speed, direct downloads with our Premium Link Generator boxes and our Zevera System (which are located at the bottom of every post , showing you login and pass.)
You can also use our partners; 1fichier and hugefiles links. You can get better results. But we can't guarantee the highest download speeds. It may be fluctuate and may vary on your location, ISP (internet service provider) , internet download speed and our partner technical systems .
We provide you higher download speed links with our Platinum Premium. However, it depends on our 3rd party file hosting , premium link generator partners.
Question: 1 week has been passed but I'd like to make a refund because I don't like the service. Or I could stay if you upgrade me to Platinum freely, is that possible?


- Our website rules are simple and the pricing options appears just as that.
If we try to give you platinum membership for 49,99 $ or lower than that, then this will be so injustice to our platinum members.

We can only give you 1 day free trial of Platinum as we described on the lower level of Gold; Silver on our premium membership page.

If you want 1 day free trial please make it a response to us.
- Our refund policy is strict so that's only 24 hours after the purchase.
On many of the links published on the vpb site, there are pop-ups and pop-unders claiming that my Safari browser has been compromised and urging me to call a number to get it fixed. How can I get rid of that?
First of all you need to buy upper than silver premium membership to get rid of pop ups /pop unders and banner ads on Vintagepornbay.
All of the ads/pop-under codes are found outside of our premium membership script.So, its impossible to see pop-under/pop-ups with Platinum, Gold and Silver memberships.
We have removed one of our premium link generator partner ; leechking and now we have tested with safari and there is no redirection appears anymore.

We didn't see any suspicious pop-under, we just saw our pages have been redirected to leechking's server. So we have disabled them for now.